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The fabric designers, tailors, pattern makers (and parents!) on our design team are experts at creating uniforms that encapsulate the brand of your school, while being comfortable for children to wear and easy for parents to wash. We specialise in these areas.

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We understand that there are many elements to be considered when designing school uniform. For the school, it is a critical part of the brand. For the children, it must be comfortable, practical and a style that they are proud to wear. For parents it must be durable, easy to wash and reasonably priced. Our design team are experts at creating uniforms that meet all of these requirements. We also have a fitting specialist, who not only helps parents with individual sizing enquiries, but also provides the data that we need to continually improve the fit of our clothing.

Contact us at if you would like to discuss creating a distinctive uniform that encapsulates your school brand.

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First, we design the key elements of the uniform in line with the ethos of the school. Then we add the principal colours and accents to create a cohesive and stylish look.

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Once the samples are ready, we can show you how the design, fitting and fabrics have been chosen to make the uniform smart, stylish, comfortable and durable.

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Logo and colours

Uniform colours need to be practical but distictive. We work with you to select key colours and accents that compliment your logo and reflect the school brand. We can also advise on the optimal size for embroidered logos.

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Patterns and sizing

When the design is completed, our tailors and pattern makers go to work on the fine details. Every dart, pocket and button is carefully considered.

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Ready to order

After the samples have been reviewed (and the contract signed), the new uniform can be available to order on our on-line store in a matter of weeks. Our store is designed to make it quick and simple for parents to order.

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We design team kits for sports from cricket to baseball and swimming to rowing. We have an extensive range of specialist sports fabrics that are easy to wear and wash and keep athletes comfortable in any weather.

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The design process is similar to that for bespoke uniform but, since we use sublimation printing for our sports kits, the range of possible colours and designs is limitless. 

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Our designers work with you to create team kits that your school teams are proud to wear and practice kits that keep them comfortable and engaged during training.

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The world's most famous schools have uniforms that are distinctive and are part of each school's character and tradition. A feature of many of these uniforms is a tartan unique to the school.

Our designers can create custom tartans using colours that compliment your school logo. The colour contrast and pattern size are carefully designed to reflect the school brand.

Once the tartan design is complete, our tailors create the patterns for the trousers, skirts, shorts, pinafores or ties that will be made from the tartan.

Because we manufacture the tartan fabric, the uniform design does not change. This is not the case for many uniform manufacturers, who buy batches of fabric that are similar (but not the same!).

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