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Here are some videos on how to make basic alterations. 

Please note: if your child is still growing, it is better to turn up excess fabric than to cut it off. Then you can let down the hem later as necessary.

Hemming trousers

If you have a sewing machine and are confident using it, then hemming trousers is very easy. If you don't have a sewing machine then it is still easy to turn up trousers by hand - this simple tutorial is very helpful

trousers alteration 1.jpg
blazer alteration 1.jpg

Altering blazer sleeves

If you want to shorten blazer sleeves by a small amount temporarily, then you can use a similar hand-stitching method to the one used for trousers in the hemming video above. If you want to alter blazer sleeves by a larger amount then this video shows you exactly how to do that step by step. 

Shortening shirt sleeves

This can be done by hand but it is much faster and neater to use a sewing machine. This is an excellent guide to how to shorten shirt sleeves. Be very careful when you decide how much fabric to trim if you want to lengthen the sleeves again later. 

shirt cuff.jpg
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