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We are constantly looking for ways to help protect our planet. Our initiatives include:

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If any item of uniform has a small defect or mark, we repair it and sell it at one of our school sales at a discount. Other companies dispose of items rather than repair them - millions of brand new items of clothing go into landfill sites every year

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We use recycled paper packaging to reduce plastic consumption and ocean pollution

We also use bamboo, modal and recycled fabrics, including recycled fleece fabric, which is made from plastic bottles. There is more information on how we select our fabrics here

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We ship orders to schools in reusable delivery bags, completely eliminating disposable packaging for 70% of the orders that we ship.

We also reuse all cardboard boxes that we receive where possible, which is better for the environment than recycling

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​All of our operational processes are paperless - we only print documents required for audit purpose

We use energy-efficient lighting and have improved the insulation in our Operations Centre to reduce energy consumption.

We promote upcycling through workshops that we run in schools

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