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This is a simple guide to measuring your child for clothes. Please note:

  • You can take the measurements using a tape measure or a piece of string. If you use string, measure the string using a ruler.

  • Do not pull the tape measure or string tight. 

  • 1" (inch) = 2.54 cm


Chest/bust: under arms, around widest part of chest/bust. 

Waist: measure girls around natural waist (narrowest part). Measure boys around point where waistband sits.


Hips: measure around the widest part

Shoulders: find tip of shoulder (top of shoulder joint). Measure between two points across back

Sleeve length: measure from tip of shoulder to 2-3 cm below wrist. If you measure only to the wrist, the sleeves will be too short when arms are moved/raised.

Shirt/jacket length: measure from nape of neck to desired length of shirt/jacket

Trouser length: measure from waist to top of foot. Trousers can be about 2 cm longer than this (or they will be short when child sits down)

Skirt/skort length: measure from waist to desired length of skirt/skort

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