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If you have questions about sizing please contact our Fitting Specialist, who will respond to your enquiries within 1 business day. Most sizes are given using the Japanese sizing system (based on the child’s height). Trousers, shorts and skirts all come with adjustable elastic inner waistbands.

TWIS white polo shirt 5.jpg
TWIS white polo shirt
TWIS navy polo shirt 2.jpg
TWIS navy polo shirt
Beige shorts 1.jpg
Navy or beige school shorts
Navy skort 2.jpg
Navy or beige skort
TWIS cap.jpg
TWIS baseball cap
TWIS LS navy polo shirt 3.jpg
TWIS navy long-sleeved polo shirt
TWIS fleece 1.jpg
TWIS fleece
Red tartan skort 1.jpg
Red tartan skort
Beige trousers 2.jpg
Navy trousers 1.jpg
Navy or beige school trousers
TWIS sports T shirt 1.jpg
TWIS sports T shirt
Plain navy sports shorts 1.jpg
Plain navy sports shorts
TWIS track jacket 2.jpg
TWIS track jacket
Plain navy track trousers 1.jpg
Plain navy track trousers
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